Rental Income Property Analysis Made Easy

Get clarity and gain confidence in your numbers for safer and more profitable real estate deals. John Matheson, CEO and founder of Commercial Loan Success, shares his strategies for successful real estate investing using the latest software to generate robust rental analysis on a one-pager exactly the way private lenders and banks want it.  




1:06 – Introducing John Matheson, CEO and founder of Commercial Loan Success, and today’s topic: background on his CLS software and how it can help in vetting deals. 


3:35 – How he got into the software business from the development space and the genesis of CLS. 


8:52 – Digging into three of the biggest challenges investors can face and how CLS helps to address all of them. 


12:53 – Adjusting the underwriting criteria within the software for private lenders and getting help with how the app works.. 


14:19 – An example of how the software can benefit a practical situation. 


15:45 – The value of having robust information on a one-pager when presenting a deal. 


20:14 – What types of properties can use this software effectively and why. 


22:17 – Why investors, lenders, and CPAs may want to use the software. 


23:20 – The importance of confidence from knowing the numbers on a deal when raising capital. 


26:10 – How to get more information on the software and find demos. 


27:45 – John’s last word for the show. 



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