Investing in Costa Rica – Why it’s well worth considering

Are you concerned about the US economy and where we are headed?  Investing in real estate in Costa Rica can help you balance your investment portfolio and lower your investing risks.  Arthur Zwern shares his experience and reasons to invest outside the US.



1:19 – Introducing Arthur and the topic for the show. 


1:35 – A few things to know about Arthur and his background. 


3:39 – Background on some of the first real estate projects he worked on and his philosophy on diversifying. 


6:01 – What happened with his investments during the market crash. 


7:48 – How Arthur made the jump to working with real estate in Costa Rica. 


9:46 – His process for choosing Costa Rica over other countries. 


11:04 – The most important and unique thing about Costa Rica for Arthur. 


11:51 – Risks and the learning curve involved with working in different states and different countries. 


12:53 – Getting a sense for the scale and resilience of tourism in Costa Rica. 


14:26 – Background on the happiness rating of the population. 


15:48 – Projections for the future of Costa Rican tourism and economy and the differences between some developing countries. 


17:21 – Why Arthur says Americans should get out of the country more often. 


17:56 – Details on the entity structuring, forms of ownership, and other legal aspects of investing there. 


20:13 – Comparing the structures of Costa Rica and the US. 


22:28 – The differences between investing in developed and developing countries, such as market efficiency.  


25:06 – The first project he worked on in Costa Rica. 


27:41 – Describing Costa Rica’s ecotourism and how Arthur thinks about it. 


30:26 – Background on the leatherback turtle and what is being done to help them. 


31:14 – Details on protecting the turtles. 


32:26 – Arthur’s vision for the new project. 


36:24 – Why the footprint of the project may drive more positive attention to it. 


38:17 – The visitor experience that Arthur’s planning for the villas and some of the environmentally beneficial ideas. 


44:51 – How to follow the project or get more information. 


46:02 – Arthur’s last word. 




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